5 Lipstick Mistakes

You can easily be forgiven for experimenting with your makeup as a teen. With the advantage of youth on your side, makeup mistakes are less obvious and more fun. However, once you’ve celebrated your 30th birthday, its time to put bad mistakes far behind us and here a few that still make headlines.


Dark Lip Pencil

This mistake screams mutton dressed as lamb! A tragic trend of the 90’s but lets hope it never returns. As our vintage gains more value, it becomes more important to use a lip pencil to define your lips, but it should not be seen. Lip liners usually last a little longer than lipsticks, so choose a lip pencil in the same shade of your lipstick or slightly lighter. This way you can use your lip liner as a primer and never get caught with your lip liner showing once your lipstick has rubbed off.


Bright lips competing with eyes and outfit

I love a classic red lip but when choosing to wear a strong rouge lipstick, let your lips take centre stage by toning down your eye makeup and perhaps even your outfit. Sara Donaldson of Harper & Harley advice is to consider your beauty and style as a whole so they compliment rather than compete.


Too dark lipstick

A dark lipstick can make your teeth look whiter but choose carefully. Dark lipstick shades can draw attention to dark circles under the eyes and make you look old. A brown lip was so beautifully worn by Claudia Schiffer in the 90’s but if this colour is still floating around your makeup bag, its time for an update. If you are a die-hard fan then opt for more modern creamy browns or musk rose instead.


Washed out nude lip

Kendall Jenner made 2015 the year of the nude lip but this look is not for everyone. For anyone over 25, a nude lip can make you washed out and incomplete. Napoleon Perdis recommends choosing a timeless classic creamy lipstick with a pink undertone such as DÉVINE GODDESS LIPSTICK in Hess for a nude lip.


Lipstick bleeding into lip wrinkles

Be sure to read my guide to fixing lip wrinkles to ensure you don’t get caught with your lipstick bleeding into the fine lines above your lip. Nothing screams old lady like this look!